Biospringer used this year’s IFT Expo in Las Vegas to showcase a gluten free baker’s yeast extract that enhances cheese notes in food products that traditionally use gluten containing brewer’s yeast extracts.

Biospringer demonstrated a cheese sauce enhanced with the new Springer Baker’s Yeast extract. Baker’s yeast extracts are a natural way to enhance cheese notes—but also bring in specific savory and fermented flavor profiles to add dimension to cheese flavor profiles. Springer Baker’s Yeast extracts also contribute to sodium reduction. Moreover, they can be labeled as “baker’s yeast extract” to meet consumer interests in clean label.

Despite skepticism of gluten-free diets, more Americans than ever are consuming gluten-free foods. Research from Mintel shows that nearly half of consumers (47%) agree that gluten-free diets are a fad, but that 25% of consumers say they consume gluten-free foods. Mintel research shows that consumers perceive foods with any free-from claim to be both healthier and less processed.

About Biospringer

With more than 160 years of expertise, Biospringer is the global producer of natural flavor bases and flavor building blocks. We bring to food producers the most comprehensive yeast derived product range with our yeast extracts, dried food yeasts, natural flavors and more. Biospringer is a LESAFFRE Company, a significant player worldwide, for the design and production of yeast solutions for the bakery, nutrition and human care industries. 

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