Carapelli, a premium extra virgin olive oil brand, announced the launch of two new high-quality blends: Organic and Organic Unfiltered. Created in harmony with nature and tradition, Carapelli combines old world craftsmanship and new world standards, a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and enhancing the everyday cooking moments.

At its core, Carapelli embodies the love of Tuscany and a passion for art, culture and the nourishing nature of Mediterranean cuisine. These new blends leverage the brand's deep knowledge in olive varieties, extensive expertise in organoleptic assessment, and artful skill in combining the different cultivars to get a constant profile. They are crafted through modern adaptation of the Italian Maestro Oleario culture, passing the Carapelli spirit and knowledge from generation to generation, to select olive juices to craft olive oil with artistry. To ensure the extra virgin olive oils' physical and sensory characteristics meet the brand's thorough requirements, they are tested twice a day. Carapelli's reverence for the olive and its many contributions to the Mediterranean lifestyle is reflected in every bottle that is produced.

Carapelli's two new extra virgin olive oil blends are:

Carapelli Organic Extra Virgin: Crafted from 100% organic olives, Carapelli Organic Extra Virgin is a harmonious blend of high quality extra virgin olive oils. It has a fresh, earthy and sweet aroma with a balanced, fruity, and green taste.

Carapelli Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin: Made from the first pressing of the entire olive, Carapelli Unfiltered Extra Virgin captures light pulp from the olives, giving the oil its naturally cloudy and rustic appearance. Its aroma is vibrant and spicy with a nutty, peppery and bitter taste.