This fall, White Coffee—the venerable Long Island City importer and roaster—is bringing the adventurous spirit and social consciousness of the National Geographic brand to a new selection of great coffee blends from around the world. This new line of coffees, National Geographic "Coffees of the World," includes four varieties that are 100% organic:  Sumatra, Rain Forest, Peruvian, and African Blends. The National Geographic "Coffees of the World" collection highlights exotic international flavors grown in diverse regions of the globe.

"More and more people are becoming premium coffee lovers," says Jonathan White, Executive Vice President of White Coffee Corporation. "These new consumers not only take immediately to the flavor, but become instant connoisseurs with highly selective tastes that can only be satiated with the best blends from the far reaches of the globe. We are grateful to National Geographic for providing its knowledge and expertise of the world to this delicious line of original coffees."

From Southeast Asia comes the Sumatra Blend, which is Fair Trade Certified™ and a striking and memorable sensory experience, with earthy notes of herbs and moist, freshly fallen leaves and a pungent, grapefruit flavor.

The Peruvian Blend is a complex coffee that combines natural sweetness, high floral and chocolate notes, and tart, subtle fruit tones indicative of its origin in the soaring elevations of the Andes mountain range.

Central America is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world, featuring mid-elevation (3,000-6,000 feet) rain forests. The coffee harvested in this region slowly matures in the cooler mountain temperatures yielding deeper, more interesting flavors.  The beans are ideal for creating the Rain Forest Blend—a full-bodied, crisp and complete coffee, with a clean finish.

The African Blend is a combination of Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees. Grown by traditional methods from ancient cultivars, the Ethiopian coffee, with its elaborate floral and citrus flavors, is among the most distinctive and captivating in the world, while the Kenyan coffee, grown on the high slopes of Mounts Kenya and Elgon, has a rich flavor, with wine and berry tones and prominent acidity.

The National Geographic "Coffees of the World" collection is available in both 10-ounce bags and BioCup®—White Coffee's biodegradable, comparable K-Cup® size, and will be available for distribution to both online and brick-and-mortar retailers.