Hydrive Energy Water, a zero-calorie energy water, launched two new flavors. Kiwi Melon and Grape Fusion join Hydrive's line up to provide consumers with the hydration benefits of water and the added function of energy from B vitamins and caffeine.

Kiwi Melon brings a new fruit-inspired flavor to the product line.  Naturally refreshing kiwi, combined with the light, sweet taste of melon for a unique flavor profile.

Grape Fusion was a fan favorite of Hydrive Energy Water's prior full-calorie line. After much consumer demand, Hydrive has reformulated Grape Fusion to bring the taste of the cool, sweet burst of grapes while maintaining the zero-calorie, refreshing formula that consumers love.

"Consumers love Hydrive because it gives them the energy they need and tastes great.  We are excited to add two more great tasting, refreshing flavors to our line with Kiwi Melon and Grape Fusion,"  says Thomas Oh, SVP of marketing for Big Red, owner of Hydrive Energy Water.

Hydrive Energy Water has zero calories, 160 mg of caffeine and 35% daily value of vitamins and retails for $1.89 - $2.29/bottle.