Sonoma Creamery introduced a crispy, savory snack bar baked from real cheese and simple ingredients. Building on the concept of Sonoma's successful Cheese Crisp line, Sonoma® Cheese Crisp Bars come in five unique flavors—Parmesan, Everything Cheddar ™, Savory Seed ™, Pepper Jack and Bacon Cheddar. Light and crunchy, the bars are high in protein and low in carbs, with 0g sugar and only 110-120 calories per 2-bar pack.

In the coming months, shoppers will be able to find Sonoma Cheese Crisp Bars in the bar section, check-lane, grab-n-go, and other merchandising areas where they usually look for bars and other better-for-you single serve snacks. The vertical packaging emphasizes the flavors with strong color schemes, and each bar package has a window right in the center of the package where the product is visible.

Made of real cheese, and baked, never fried, these bars are a no-preparation addition to school lunches.  

The bars retail for $1.99.