Research continues to show that consumers worldwide believe almonds make chocolate more satisfying, uplifting and relaxing. The 2017 Chocolate Report from Innova Market Insights states consumers find chocolate more premium when almonds are included.1 

The importance of indulgent flavors and texture formats for chocolate confectionery continue to drive interest, and California almonds have the unique ability to enhance the flavor, texture and health factors of chocolate products. 

Trending inclusions and extra-indulgent flavors—such as matcha tea, coconut, blueberries and mint—pair well with almonds and offer a more premium image and experience. And, with an increased interest in clean-label, almonds’ many forms make them a clean-label friendly tool for manufacturers. 

Whether it’s adding texture with chopped or diced almonds, rich fillings and binders with almond butter, or density in baked goods with almond flour, California almonds can help those working to formulate against “free-from” demands that continue to soar globally.  

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1.    2017 Chocolate Report. Innova Market Insights. July 2017