Tastepoint by IFF announces the launch of its taste innovation showcase, FirsTaste, happening on Thursday, September 27, 2018. Themed “A Fresh Take on Taste”, it is a premium event for current and prospective Tastepoint customers. The event has its roots in the popular Innovation Roadshow, presented by David Michael & Co.

“Our theme this year says it all, ‘A Fresh Take on Taste,’” says Dan Byrne, general manager of Tastepoint by IFF. “We’re honoring the legacy that brought us to this point and building on it with some truly innovative, exciting tastes, technologies and applications that represent equally exciting business opportunities for our customers.”

At the heart of Tastepoint is the corporate culture of “know-how meets no limits,” as well as its commitment to inspiring a drive for tasteworthiness throughout the food and beverage industry.

Details: With “A Fresh Take on Taste,” Tastepoint by IFF will provide food and beverage industry representatives with multiple opportunities to learn about what the future has in store. The experience begins on the evening of September 26 with a special trend trek event and continues on September 27 with keynote speeches and more.

The event culminates with the FirsTaste Showcase where attendees will get a glimpse of some of the tastes and trends that will drive the industry over the next few years. The Showcase includes displays of innovative, unusual and provocative flavors, products and applications which give participants their “first taste” of what the future has in store. A detailed schedule of events and outline of specific opportunities will be released this spring.

Powered by IFF, David Michael and Ottens Flavors—two trusted names in the industry— came together in 2017 to create Tastepoint by IFF. With innovation at the heart of Tastepoint, the opportunity to take the David Michael Innovation Roadshow to the next level was immense. FirsTaste will allow Tastepoint to bring ideas to life and create solutions for today as well as for the future of taste.

“Since the coming together of these great companies, sparks of taste innovations and technologies have been continuously ignited thanks to the combining of our unique and individual insights, experiences, capabilities and resources,” says Byrne.

“This type of powerhouse experience doesn’t come around every season, or even every year. Our teams have been out gathering consumer insights, scouring the landscape and working in the labs to develop truly exquisite taste innovations,” adds Eduardo Villagomez, director, business development, marketing & SCI of Tastepoint by IFF. “Unless you’re at FirsTaste, you simply will not get the insights, the tastes or the experiences that can elevate your business.” 

Say Hello to Tastepoint by IFF

Tastepoint by IFF is the newest name in taste. We exist to be the spark that advances our customers, working side-by-side to create products that ignite the palate, and the imagination. As a product development partner with a fresh take on taste, we unite skill and soul, chemistry and creativity, freshness and familiarity. With more than a century of know-how and the resources of global powerhouse IFF at the ready, our innovation artists bring you the perfect blend of heart and science. We’re small enough to care, and big enough to make it happen – with speed and agility, together, we can tackle any challenge no matter the size.

Learn more at www.tastepoint.com, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

FirsTaste Fact Sheet

What: Tastepoint by IFF Presents FirsTaste: “A Fresh Take on Taste”

When: Thursday, September 27, 2018

Where: Penn State at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, Pa.

Details: Visit http://www.tastepoint.com/trends-and-insights/firstaste for event details.