Barn-burner. Nail-biter. Down-to-the-wire-er. Heated competition is what we’re getting at, folks, and this month’s Favorite Product Poll did not disappoint. Ironically, the hotly contested poll was topped by ice cream and ice pops. Breyers delights Minis edged Sour Patch Kids Flavored Ice Pops by a single vote to take title of Favorite Product as selected by Prepared Foods readers.

Rounding out the poll was Fresh Express Sauté Kits, which collected 19% of the vote.

With 70-80 calories and 5g of protein per 4-ounce cup, Breyers® delights Minis are crafted with high-quality ingredients like fresh cream, naturally sourced flavors in a conveniently packaged single serving.

Inspired by the classic flavors of the original candy, the new SOUR PATCH KIDS® Flavored Ice Pops are now available in a 12-count variety pack featuring Blue Raspberry, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Redberry® flavors.

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