Tis the season for ice cream (when is it not?), and the Prepared Foods reader community evidently has the sweet treat on its mind. Readers overwhelmingly selected Blue Bunny Load'd Sundaes as their favorite new product introduction from March 2018. The indulgent ice cream received 33% of the vote.

Seafood Power Bites from Handy Seafood finished in second place with 23% of the vote, while Dole Slawesome! Kits attracted 17% of readers confidence for the third-place position.

Load'd Sundaes are made with premium ice cream that's specially crafted to be soft and ready to dig into, straight from the freezer, so there's no need to wait for it to temper. Load'd Sundaes are filled with signature Blue Bunny treats—chunky cookies, crunchy nuts, rich chocolate pieces and Blue Bunny's signature candy B’s- swirled together with  syrups in a single-serve container.

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