Fuchs North America introduces the Modern Comforts Collection, a new line of comfort food inspired seasonings, bases and flavors. The collection’s four distinctive and flavorful seasonings offer modern twists on classic comfort food dishes.

Among the collection’s offerings are seasonings and blends for proteins, sides and dairy. These items are also the starting point for food manufacturers and foodservice establishments to develop their own unique signature product offerings, with Fuchs’ culinary specialists at their side.

The New Collection  

Fuchs’ new Modern Comforts Collection includes the following four seasoning blends:

•    Cheddar & Green Chili Sauce Base

•    Chocolate Malted Milkshake Seasoning

•    Rio Grande Style Meat Seasoning

•    Smoked Gouda & Rosemary Fry Seasoning

“Comfort food has made a major come back in recent years, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Consumers turn to comfort foods in times of stress, but now they’re seeking out gourmet twists on these classic dishes,” explains Shannon Cushen, Fuchs’ director of marketing. “Comfort foods are the foods that we grew up with; foods that make us feel nostalgic about our childhoods. They’re foods that feel inherently good because they remind us of home. Our newest collection takes popular comfort foods and modernizes them by incorporating trendy ingredients and flavors.”

Fuchs helps food companies make sense of the trends and tap into where the culinary energy is strongest. In this spirit, each of the items that make up Fuchs’ Modern Comforts Collection features innovative and mouthwatering flavors that will liven up any menu item or product.

Craveable Milkshake Seasoning

Elizabeth Lindemer, CEC, Fuchs’ corporate executive chef, worked to develop blends that will keep consumers coming back for more. 

“Rich and nutty malt balances with sweet and decadent chocolate in our Chocolate Malted Milkshake Seasoning to get you hopping back in time to a red leather topped swivel chair at the Formica and chrome topped counter of the neighborhood fountain shop,” she says.

Flavorful Fry Seasoning

Caramelly, nutty and sweet creamy Gouda cheese with a hint of mild hardwood smoke pairs perfectly with the piney and floral herbiness of rosemary in Fuchs’ Smoked Gouda & Rosemary Fry Seasoning, which turns an ordinary side of French fries into something extraordinary.

Palatable Protein Seasoning

The Southwest serves as the inspiration behind our Rio Grande Style Meat Seasoning.

“This is not only the perfect complement to steak, pork chops and burgers for the grill, but it also gives an added ‘Wow!’ to your meatloaf on those cooler nights,” Lindemer adds.

Shareable Sauce Seasoning

Not only is Fuchs’ Cheddar & Green Chili Sauce Base particularly on-trend, but it’s also incredibly versatile. 

“Known by many as the ultimate comfort food, Mac & Cheese feeds not only your belly but your soul as well,” says Lindemer. “So it was only natural that we would incorporate a sauce that could be used for Mac & Cheese into this collection, but we wanted to give it a bit of a twist, so we combined the traditional mild and creamy cheddar cheese with some smoky green chilies for a little extra zing! And you’ll see this sauce has many other great uses such as a quick dip or we especially love it on the Rio Grande Style Burgers!”

Custom Solutions, Too

Ken Wuestenfeld, Fuchs’ vice president of sales and technical services, says strategy behind all of Fuchs’ offerings like the Modern Comforts Collection is to help food manufacturers and foodservice establishments create irresistible new items that build on culinary traditions—but that are also unique.

“We stay on top of consumer taste trends,” he explains. “Our goal is to help food companies develop new taste sensations that they can call their own—offerings that are unique and stand out.”

With each customer, Fuchs North America goes from conception to manufacturing to delivery of an approved flavor as quickly as possible.  

“We have a wide range of flavor bases at the ready, and, as a result, we can provide samples for immediate testing,” Wuestenfeld adds. “Then we customize and refine the flavor to attain exactly the taste characteristics our customer is seeking.” 

Doing so means that taking a food or flavor idea from concept to delivery can often be accomplished in a matter of weeks or even less time. 

“Especially when under tight product development timeframes, being able to support customers with that kind of rapid schedule is a huge benefit,” Wuestenfeld concludes.

Complimentary Samples Available 

For a limited time, Fuchs North America is offering complimentary samples of the items in its new Modern Comforts Collection.  To request samples, contact Rebekah Wicke toll-free at 800-365-3229.  You may also e-mail your request to rwicke@fuchsna.com or visit www.fuchsna.com/ModernComforts.

About Fuchs North America

Fuchs North America is a leading producer and supplier of value-added seasonings, spices and flavor systems to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries. With a heritage that extends back more than 75 years, the company specializes in the development of full flavor systems, custom flavor profiles and seasoning products – including supporting some of the world’s largest and best-recognized food brands.  

Fuchs North America’s seasoning specialists are experts in anticipating and identifying consumer trends – and converting them into successful flavor profiles. They work closely with food technologists and product development personnel at client companies to design distinctive, differentiated flavor systems. Fuchs products are made in a precision processing environment that ensures consistent, repeatable quality, order to order.

Since 1990, Fuchs North America has been part of the worldwide Fuchs Group, the largest privately-held spice and seasoning company in the industry. The Fuchs Group serves food manufacturing, foodservice and retail segments, backed by secure, quality sourcing plus state-of-the-art production facilities on four continents.  

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