Prepared Foods showcases new soup foodservice products entering the foodservice marketplace in October 2018.



Judges for the National Restaurant Association’s 2018 Food and Beverage Awards (FABI) recognized Nona Lim, Oakland, Calif., for its Shiitake Beef Bone Broth, a clean label bone broth packaged in a 10oz heat-and-sip cup. 

Says the company, “Simmered for more than 30 hours, the grass-fed, organic beef bone stock is spiced perfectly with shiitake mushrooms and ginger. Nona Lim Shiitake Beef Bone Broth makes a healthy, attractive addition to meals with all the benefits and superior flavor of on-trend slow food.”

Nona Lim opened this year by introducing the Shitake Beef Bone Broth at The Specialty Food Association’s annual Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. The company also took the popular new product to the National Restaurant Association’s annual convention as well.

“Our Heat & Sip Cups have made fresh, clean label bone broth and soup a convenient anytime comfort food,” said Nona Lim Founder Nona Lim. “We are excited to offer new flavors that are so easy to enjoy you don’t even need a spoon.”

Lim says that both the Shiitake Beef Bone Broth and the Ginseng Chicken Bone Broth use organic bone stock. Moreover, the Shiitake Beef Bone Broth also is considered a grass fed product.

“The FABI Awards showcase the visionary companies helping chefs and foodservice operators innovate and drive guest satisfaction,” said Dickie Brennan, 2018 NRA Show convention chairman and owner/managing partner of Dickie Brennan & Company, whose restaurant group includes Tableau, Palace Café, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, and Bourbon House. “The FABI Award recipients provide opportunities for operators to meet consumer demand with cost-effective solutions.”



Blount Fine Foods, Fall River, Mass., introduced a refrigerated Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup for restaurant and in-store deli operators. Officials say the new gluten free offering is a creamy soup of cauliflower florets and white cheddar cheese, flavored with uncured bacon.

“Our Cauliflower Cheddar satisfies the customers’ expectations of indulgence, and does it with fewer than than 200 calories and only 650 mg of sodium per serving,” says William Bigelow, Blount’s chief innovation officer. “True to our commitment to lead the industry, our development team created a delicious, marketable product while keeping unneeded calories and sodium ‘off the menu’ and out of the food system.”

Ingredients include Vegetable Stock (Water, Mirepoix Base [Carrots, Onions, Celery, Salt, Sugar, Corn Oil, Potato Flour, Carrot Powder]), Cauliflower, Light Cream, White Cheddar Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Onions, Corn Starch, Contains 2% or less of: Uncured Bacon With No Nitrites or Nitrates Added Except For Naturally Occurring Nitrates in Sea Salt and Celery Juice Powder (Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Sugar, Natural Flavors), Garlic, Butter (Cream, Salt), Chives, Sea Salt, Water, Natural Hickory Smoke Concentrate, Nisin Preparation and Spice. The soup also contains milk.

Soup come packaged in four, 4lb bags per case.



Sandridge Food Corporation, Medina, Ohio, greeted September with six new refrigerated soups for restaurants as well as in-store deli departments. Each of the new soups is free of trans fats and three items also are organic. 

Here’s how Sandridge describes its flavorful regular offerings.

Southwest Style Black Bean Espresso Soup. This vegetarian soup (pictured) features black beans, tomatoes, onions and garlic—all simmered in chili powder, instant coffee, and honey.

Creamy Thai Carrot Ginger Soup. This  high fiber, trans fat free item is a thick soup made from carrot puree, cream, orange puree, ginger, onion and spices.

Tomato Zucchini Soup with Italian Cheeses. This vegetarian soup is gluten free and preservative free. A creamy soup full of tomato flavor, zucchinis, onions and accents of parmesan and Romano cheeses.

Here’s how Sandridge describes each of three new organic varieties.

Organic Chicken Noodle Soup. This preservative-free soup features tender cuts of white chicken coupled with thick Kluski egg noodles, carrots, onions and celery in a rich, homestyle chicken broth.

Organic Tomato Basil Bisque. This vegetarian soup is gluten free and preservative free. This rich and creamy bisque is bursting with fresh tomatoes and is perfectly seasoned with a touch of basil.

Organic Vegetable Chili. This vegan item also is gluten free and preservative free. It features organic pinto beans, black beans, corn, onions, carrots, peppers, celery, spinach and roasted mushrooms in a spicy tomato sauce accented with garlic and cilantro.

Originally appeared in the October, 2018 issue of Prepared Foods as Culinary Creations: Plant to Plate.