After exceeding initial funding goals with its Indiegogo campaign, Sober Up®, the liver detoxifier that tackles the cause of hangovers, has also announced an additional line. The new Sober Up® product will include CBD to its detox shot, representing the natural next step in the 'sober up' lifestyle.

Alcohol addiction is a leading cause of global health concerns, and consuming large amounts of alcohol can damage the liver and brain, no matter the frequency. CBD has shown potential to mitigate all of these risks: in studies done on mice, CBD antioxidants have proved to protect the liver and to serve as neuroprotectors, preventing damage to the brain caused by alcohol. A further study among smokers trying to give up has shown that those taking CBD versus placebo were 40% more successful indicating that CBD has significant benefit in relation to addictive behaviors.

This is a new, healthier way to think about alcohol consumption. Sober Up® is a natural way to boost the body's own defenses, limiting exposure to health risks and counteracting harmful side effects that can be felt immediately.