Numi Organic Tea announced the launch of its new Stay Healthy Line. Featuring efficacious plants like echinacea, elderberry, dandelion root, kanna leaf and burdock root, the line contains potent herbal blends developed to support immunity*, combat common cold symptoms*, and help users relax* during a time when consumers are increasingly seeking out physical and emotional wellbeing.

The line consists of seven unique SKUs that will complement Numi’s core line:

• Immune Boost – featuring echinacea, rosehips and dandelion to jumpstart the immune response and flush toxins from the body.*
• Immune Support – featuring elderberry, elderflower, thyme and Fair Trade CertifiedTM ginger to strengthen immune response and support and soothe the respiratory system.*
• De-Stress – featuring soothing spearmint, passionflower and kanna leaf to encourage calm and ease stress.*
• Throat Soother – featuring sage, marshmallow, licorice and Ceylon cinnamon for their anti-inflammatory and moistening properties.*
• Congest Away – featuring congestion-clearing ginger, peppermint and soothing Fair Trade CertifiedTM fennel.*
• Dandelion Detox – featuring dandelion root, nestle, milk thistle and burdock root to flush toxins and support liver function.*
• Sweet Slumber – featuring lavender and valerian root for their anti-anxiety and sleep-inducing qualities.*

Each flavor delivers powerful benefits in line with current consumer trends: functional foods, immune boosters, adaptogens, sleep aids and respiratory support. All of the blends in Numi’s Stay Healthy Line are organic, ethically sourced, Climate Neutral, and use plant-based compostable wrappers, reflecting Numi’s commitment to making positive impact in the world.

Numi’s Stay Healthy Line will be available on and starting in March 2021, and nationally at natural and conventional grocers in fall 2021.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.