Rebellious Beverage Company launched Rebellious Green Tea. The brand aims to disrupt the current beverage market with a pre-brewed, organic liquid green tea with all the health benefits and flavor of a traditional green tea—and more.
From brewing to packaging to delivery, Rebellious Beverage Company provides high-quality organic green tea pre-brewed and ready to use. The tea is packaged in a small, lightweight, ready-to-pour pouch; tea-drinkers can even stash Rebellious in their desks at work since the brand is shelf-stable with a long expiration date.
Currently, the teas are available in five flavors: Peach, Lemon, Mint with a hint of Lemongrass, Blood Orange, and Strawberry Kiwi. Every proprietary flavor of Rebellious tea is created with a balanced profile to be enjoyed at any temperature—whether hot, cold, or in-between. Simply pour the packet into the suggested 8–12-ounce of water and consume.
Founded by Food and Beverage veteran Doug DuMars and global business whiz Joe O’Connor, the company is proud to bring consumers an expertly-researched product made with high-quality ingredients sourced from top-tier suppliers.

The Teas are available in 10-packs for $12.