Numi Organic Tea, an award-winning social enterprise, founding B Corporation member, and a purchaser of organic, Fair Trade CertifiedTM teas, announced its new Roasted Japanese Green Tea Line. Featuring small-batched processed and custom-sized whole-leaf grade organic tea sourced from Japan, the new product line builds on the success of Numi’s existing green tea offerings and enables more consumers to discover the distinctive and nuanced flavors of high-quality roasted green teas from Japan.

The new product line highlights two of the top 10 Japanese-inspired flavors trending in 2022: umami, a savory and nutty flavor, and yuzu, a lemon-type citrus with a distinct tart flavor.* To achieve their umami-rich flavor profile, Numi Organic Roasted Japanese Green Teas are roasted in small batches removing the bitterness and leaving a mild nutty, savory flavor. The new yuzu flavor profile is attained with lightly roasted bancha green tea blended with yuzu lemon rind resulting in a sweet, lemony, smooth flavor.

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The four Numi Roasted Japanese product line SKUs in include:

• Numi Organic Hojicha Roasted Japanese Green Tea: The Hojicha Roasted Japanese Green Tea originates from Shizuoka, Japan, where the leaves are grown, harvested, and then steamed before being rolled into a bancha. From there, the leaves are roasted at a high temperature to create a copper color resulting in an earthy, smoky, and well-rounded taste.

• Numi Organic Kukicha Roasted Japanese Green Tea: The Kukicha Roasted Japanese Tea originates from Shizuoka, Japan, where the tea leaves are steamed to sencha with the stems, twigs, and stalks sorted, blended, and then roasted at a medium temperature. The result is a mild, sweet, nutty, and creamy Kukicha tea.

• Numi Organic Yuzu Bancha Roasted Japanese Green Tea: The Yuzu Bancha Roasted Tea originates from Shizuoka, with the organic yuzu originating from Miyazaki and Kyushu in Japan. Once harvested, the leaves are steamed to become bancha and then roasted at medium temperature. Next, dried organic yuzu peel is blended into the bancha mixture. The result is a sweet, lemony yet smooth Yuzu Bancha Roasted Japanese Green Tea.

• Numi Organic Matcha Toasted Rice Green Tea: The Matcha Toasted Rice Green Tea is a classic blend of genmaicha and matcha that has been steamed and fused into a toasted rice resulting in a nutty and naturally sweet green tea flavor with all the benefits of the matcha’s added boost of energy and antioxidants.

Numi’s Roasted Japanese Green Tea Line is available on the Numi Website, Amazon, and at select retailers, including Sprouts and Whole Foods. All of the blends in the line are organic, ethically sourced, Climate Neutral, use plant-based compostable wrappers, and include a carbon footprint label on the package, reflecting Numi’s commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

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