Curion launched eFive™, a sensory and product insights platform designed specifically for emerging brands with testing facilities in Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas and New York City metropolitan areas. 

"Legacy brands have long enjoyed the competitive advantage of sensory research, coupled with precise data analytics. eFive™ will give emerging brands quick, accurate, and affordable consumer insights from industry-leading sensory experts. This solution democratizes access to the knowledge challengers need most to succeed with a suite of offerings at an affordable price," says Curion CEO Sean Bisceglia.
Sensory science is a research method that gathers and analyzes consumers' responses to products that invoke the five human senses: taste, touch, sight, smell and sound. Through its offerings, eFive uses sensory science to reduce the risk of failure. For brand owners like Gregg Latterman, co-founder of Chicago based Positive Pretzels, eFive™ delivered the consumer insights needed to take his new product to market.
According to Latterman, "When Curion showed me what eFive™ could do, I was impressed. I was able to get consumer insights quickly and profile my target audience. We were able to develop brand messaging and create viable market positioning, so critical in today's agile retail environment. Today, Positive Pretzels can be found at Whole Foods."
Adds Bisceglia, "Speed to market and agility are the competitive advantages legacy brands have long understood, but consumer testing can be costly. With eFive™, we can give emerging and craft brands research and sensory testing that delivers valuable insights with speed and accuracy."
About Curion
Curion is a full-service product and sensory insights firm. Curion mitigates risk of marketplace failure by ensuring that only products of quality and character will be introduced to the market, providing repeatable delight to consumers. This is accomplished with world-class people, sensory processes, facilities, and data insights. These insights provide a wealth of information such as: product readiness for launch, consumer purchase decision process, market and demographic opportunity, flavor and texture profiles, competitive landscape and more. Curion was formed with the merger of Q Research Solutions and Tragon Corp.