TastyKan, a line of concentrated multi-spice liquid blends from Kancor Ingredients Limited, secured a Bronze award at the ISC Innovation awards 2019. The award was announced at the 4th edition of International Spice Conference (ISC), held at NOVOTEL Convention Center, Hyderabad from 28th to 31st January 2019. 

The International Spice Conference is an initiative by the All India Spices Exporters Forum. It provides a networking platform for all participants in the spices industry—including flavor and fragrance companies, food and beverage manufacturers, spice associations, policy makers, farmers and other stakeholders. This year’s event drew more than 900 delegates.

Kancor, a pioneer in the field of global spices extraction, came up with the unique product after thorough research on growing worldwide culinary trends. For starters, more consumers are inspired by celebrity chefs, travelers and food bloggers who are sharing their culinary experiences. In turn, these consumers are actively looking for bolder, more authentic cuisine adventures.

Kancor’s savory solutions team conducted a one-of-a-kind “Chefs Tour” focused on many regional dishes and cuisines across India. Later the team recreated a range of these gourmet food dishes while using TastyKan products. These innovative, multi-spice liquid blends—made with spices sourced from ethnic regions across the world—are customizable and can be used in various applications. 

“TastyKan is a novel natural product Kancor is bringing to the market. By doing this, we are widening the tasting experience and bringing the unique global recipes under one umbrella, TastyKan, inspired from global cuisines,” says Geemon Korah, CEO and director, Kancor Ingredients Limited.

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