Since 1969, Kancor has provided natural ingredients that add aroma, taste, color and functional benefits to a wide array of foods and drinks. Kancor uses the latest technologies in extraction, distillation and purification of actives to ensure only the best natural solutions. Moreover, the company’s state-of-the-art R&D center and experts have developed a full range of natural antioxidants, natural colors, culinary platforms, technology platforms and delivery platforms.

Kancor’s expertise was celebrated during the recent global exhibition, Brau Beviale, Nov. 8-11, in Nuremberg, Germany. It was there that judges awarded named Kancor’s OxiKan® CLS as “Best Beverage Ingredient.”

Antioxidants prolong shelf life by delaying the oxidation process. However, synthetic antioxidants, which are widely used to control oxidation in food and beverages, are detrimental to human health. In response, Kancor developed OxiKan®, a range of natural antioxidants extracted from rosemary.

Rosemary extract, when used as an antioxidant, imparts flavor, aroma and color to the end product application. However, this poses a challenge to beverage developers to use rosemary extracts as an antioxidant.

Kancor’s OxiKan® CLS, is a major breakthrough in solving this problem. OxiKan® CLS is an ideal product for beverage formulators because the product is completely refined, fully deodorized and decolorized rosemary extract with highly functional antioxidant molecules. It also delivers excellent water and oil solubility. Developed specially for beverages, OxiKan CLS helps extend shelf life without imparting any flavor, aroma or color to the final application.

Kancor Ingredients Ltd. has research available detailing studies of OxiKan® CLS versus rosemary extract in a citrus beverage. 

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