Cascadian Farm, a pioneer in the organic food movement, is working to advance climate-beneficial foods with the launch of its small-batch, limited-edition Honey Toasted Kernza® cereal. 

The brand has released only 6,000 boxes - to receive one, Cascadian Farm is encouraging consumers to join its mission to help advance climate-beneficial foods through its fundraising site - All proceeds will benefit The Land Institute to advance further research on Kernza, a perennial grain (intermediate wheatgrass) and wild relative of annual wheat, whose deep roots show promise to benefit the planet by capturing carbon from the air and storing it in the ground.

In 2017, Cascadian Farm and parent company General Mills announced their work with The Land Institute to help commercialize Kernza. 

Early research shows Kernza's long roots may help preserve soil, enhance soil health, and reduce nitrogen movement into ground and surface waters. Farmers who produce Kernza don't need to till and replant the crop every year, minimizing disruption to the soil. 

Cascadian Farm is committed to helping create a larger-scale market for Kernza by 2040 through work with partners, as well as scientists and farmers to improve yields. Commercializing Kernza on such a large scale is an ambitious goal. Currently, there are about 1,200 acres of Kernza in production and the yields are relatively small - about one-quarter that of annual wheat. The limited-edition cereal is a first step in creating a market for the grain. Cascadian Farm plans to use the grain in more of its products from cereal to snacks as more Kernza becomes available.

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