St Pierre is excited to introduce its new Cream Cheese Brioche Twist—a light, buttery brioche loaf with a sweet, delicate cream cheese filling swirled throughout. The new Cream Cheese Brioche Twist has an SRP of $6.99.
The soft, subtly sweet brioche and creamy filling are a contrast for a snack any time of day. Whether enjoyed toasted with your morning coffee or as the ultimate base in your favorite French toast recipe, the new Cream Cheese Brioche Twist is a versatile, modern spin on the classic brioche loaf.
As the number one brioche brand in the USA and fastest growing bakery brand,1 St Pierre offers a variety of on-trend products like brioche, croissants, Belgian sugar waffles and lace-thin filled crepes. The UK-based company has experienced an incredible 94% growth in 2018 and now owns 55% of the European bakery category in the US.
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