Nellson, LLC, a leading North American formulator and manufacturer of branded nutritional bar and functional powder solutions, shared an update on capital investment in its Salt Lake City, Utah-based Launch Pad Innovation Center. 

Launch Pad is designed to inspire innovation and support the development and rapid commercialization of new functional powder food and dietary supplement products. Typically, increased throughput of a facility through automation comes at the detriment of flexibility in capabilities and order sizes. 

Nellson overcomes these obstacles with a line specifically designed for efficiency handling a wide array of bottle packaging options with rapid changeovers to provide customers with a multitude of options, speed to market, and the added benefit of quality by design—including high speed X-ray inspection and nitrogen purging. 

Line capabilities include:

•    Scheduling flexibility (No need to flex labor to respond to sudden surges in volume)

•    Flexibility in packout sizes with rapid changeovers 

•    Automates a multitude of packaging variables and options

- Wrap labels

- Full body sleeves 

- Safety tabs

- Neck bands

- Multiple coding locations 

- Shipping case packing, coding, and labeling

- Programmable pallet configurations including international heights

• Quality assurance

- Nitrogen purging for better shelf life

- Automated process to mitigate foreign material issues

• Speed to market 

- No restrictions to slow product development life cycle

- Ability to launch same core product in multiple fill sizes on same line

- No requirement to ramp up labor for a large product launch

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