It’s no secret that the high cost of vanilla has pushed food and beverage formulators to search for other natural flavor alternatives to replace the highly sought-after vanilla taste.

In response, Flavorchem Corporation, an established leader in the manufacturing of flavor and color solutions, is pleased to present Natural Vanilla Extract Enhancers as a solution.

Although global volatility in the vanilla sector appears to be stabilizing leading to a slight decline in pricing, the market is still fragile. This year’s crop of Madagascan vanilla beans appear to be of higher quality compared to last year. However, because it takes several years for newly-planted vines to reach the production stage, it will be years before the world’s supply-demand imbalance can be restored.

Flavorchem has addressed the need for cost-reducing alternatives to vanilla by creating Natural Vanilla Extract Enhancers. The Vanilla Enhancers contain real vanilla and can be used to simulate, replace or enhance the performance of pure vanilla extract. They offer an authentic taste, supply stability and consistent quality. 

“Consumer demand for the authentic taste of pure vanilla extract continues to increase. Our Vanilla Enhancers allow our customers to achieve their desired taste profile while stabilizing cost,” says Jim Hamernik, Flavorchem director of R&D. 

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About Flavorchem

Flavorchem creates flavor and color solutions including specializing in the manufacturing of botanical extracts and essential oils including vanilla extract. Established in 1971, Flavorchem is a privately held business whose customers include first-class brands well recognized throughout the world. Flavorchem strives to provide its customers with innovative, high-quality products and superior service and support. Flavorchem is a full-service operation with strategically located manufacturing facilities throughout the world.