4th & Heart, the California-based artisanal food brand, known for their gourmet flavored ghees, ghee oils and cooking sprays, and chocolate ghee spreads, showcased the soon-to-launch line of WOKE Protein, Energy Collagen Bars at Natural Products Expo East.
4th & Heart continues to revolutionize the ways in which consumers integrate ghee into their daily lifestyles with a the decadent protein, energy and collagen WOKE bars. WOKE bars are free of soy, sugar alcohols, palm oil, gluten, inulin and lactose, in addition to containing a whole pasture raised egg (yolk + whites), maple syrup and grass-fed ghee.  Offered in Chocolate, Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter varieties, 4th & Heart’s WOKE bars contain 12-15g of protein per bar and provide consumers with a low-glycemic on-the-go snack.