Prepared Foods showcases new soups and stews debuting in October 2019.


Better For You

Taking care of guests starts with soups they can feel good about. That how Campbell’s Foodservice, Camden, N.J., introduces three new Campbell’s Signature Reduced Sodium Soups that also are low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol—with no artificial colors, flavors, added MSG or high fructose corn syrup.

Varieties are a Chicken Noodle, Tomato Basil and a Vegan Vegetable. Campbell’s notes that 38% of senior living residents, 41% of hospital patients and 44% of long-term care residents all follow a special diet. The new offerings—capped at 390mg per 8oz serving—are targeted to foodservice operators in these special channels. Soups ship frozen in four, 4-pound pouches per case.

“Campbell’s Signature Reduced Sodium soups are carefully crafted and available in familiar and well-loved flavors with 390mg of sodium per serving,” the company says. “We’re here to help you meet a variety of patient, resident and guest demands; reduce rising labor costs; and find an easier alternative to making reduced sodium soups from scratch. You’ll be proud to serve them as delicious sides or meals.”

Officials state that the vegetarian Tomato Basil “is full of pureed and diced tomatoes, fresh cream, chopped basil and roasted garlic, along with a variety of spices for seasoning.” They add that the new Vegan Vegetable is made as “Great Northern bean and vegetables simmer in a broth of pureed tomatoes with the allure of tangy balsamic vinegar and smoked paprika.”


Scratch Taste

To continue satisfying consumer demand for menu descriptors like “fresh,” “authentic” and “made-from-scratch,” Minor’s—a Nestlé Professional brand—introduced two new varieties to its Classical Reductions line.

Joining the line this summer were Classical Reductions Reduced Vegetable Stock and Reduced Brown Stock. They join the line’s Reduced Chicken Stock and all help operators use stock reductions that perform like scratch, officials say.

Minor’s Classical Reductions are part of Nestlé Professional’s Farm to Label designation, which features products made with a short list of recognizable ingredients, no artificial colors (when applicable, colors are added from natural sources), no artificial preservatives and that are gluten-free.

Reduced Vegetable Stock combines carrot, tomato and the essence of mushroom and onion with a blend of spices for intensely rich, savory and velvety texture. Reduced Brown Stock features real, concentrated veal and beef stocks that result in rich gelatinous mouthfeel while the addition of mushrooms add savory depth of flavor.

Honoring the traditions of classic stock-making, these consistent, scoopable frozen glaces offers freedom from the most time-consuming tasks in stock-making for more time spent on perfecting signature flavors and craveable dishes.

Classical Reductions Reduced Stocks allow chefs and operators to easily craft á la minute pan sauces by adding just a spoonful to fresh herbs, aromatics and wine. Additionally, they can be used as a traditional glace to create demi-glaces, gravies and rich stocks for braises, stews and soups. 


Flavor Focus

As temperatures drop outside, the soup kettles are heating up at Blount Fine Foods, Fall River, Mass. The company has introduced five new refrigerated soups in time for fall restaurant menus.

New varieties include Golden Sorghum, Citrus Lentil, Lemon Chicken Orzo, Green Minestrone and Cheeseburger Soup (pictured). Many of the items are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and either are high in fiber or a good source of fiber. Blount also notes that any chicken used involves chicken raised without antibiotics.

“Our latest soups allow restaurants and food service operators to present an expanded variety of menu options to their customers,” notes William Bigelow, Blount Fine Foods’ chief innovation officer. “Our ‘plant forward’ offering fits the needs of consumers who have adopted an eating style that emphasizes plant-based foods, while the Cheeseburger soup allows restaurants to offer a modern interpretation of a classic comfort item. While the demand for plant forward items continues to grow, Americans’ love of comfort foods remains undiminished.”

Addressing additional consumer interests, Blount officials recently identified nearly 40 of its soups to call them in a special promotion about the company’s vegan, vegetarian and “plant-forward” varieties. Sales materials also identify organic offerings.