Following a more than $2 million investment and years of research and development, SaltWorks® announced it is launching a singular and innovative process for creating high quality and flavorful all-natural smoked sea salts.

SaltWorks’ Perfect Smoke™ Technology uses real wood hand-selected for superior flavor and aroma profiles, premium salts harvested from the world’s cleanest oceans, and proprietary ultra-clean cold smoking techniques to produce exceptional smoked salts.

SaltWorks’ commitment to creating higher quality smoked salts began 15 years ago, when the company started to smoke its own salts using only bark-free wood. Quickly, SaltWorks became the food industry’s most trusted source for all-natural smoked salts. 

Never quite content with the process, SaltWorks formed a dedicated research and development team in 2017 to reinvent smoking technology. One breakthrough after another led to an entirely unique and inventive way to produce one of the safest, cleanest, and most environmentally friendly all-natural smoked salts available. The result of this tireless dedication is SaltWorks’ revolutionary Perfect Smoke Technology.