SaltWorks®, Inc., a supplier of all-natural sea salt, has teamed up with Goya® Foods, a Hispanic-owned food company, to support the Goya “Better for You” product line with superior-quality sea salt. Together, the companies have upgraded Goya Organic and Low Sodium Canned Beans with SaltWorks Pure Ocean® Premium Sea Salt.

Kosher certified and organic compliant, SaltWorks Pure Ocean Premium Sea Salt is a high quality sea salt. Solar-evaporated from exceptionally pure waters, Pure Ocean is completely unrefined and all-natural. Trace minerals add subtle nuances of flavor, creating a superior sea salt experience. SaltWorks innovative quality assurance techniques, like its proprietary Optically Clean® technology, guarantee the purity of Pure Ocean while still protecting the natural state of each grain of salt.

In recent years, consumers have come to expect transparency and clean labels from food manufacturers. According to Nielsen, 93% of US households have purchased a clean label product at grocery stores.1 Meanwhile, Technomic recently reported that about 40% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy and are willing to pay more for clean food and drink.2 Showing no signs of delay, this growing demand is causing many manufacturers to evaluate their current product portfolio and make improvements.

When Goya found customers becoming more sensitive to the nature of ingredients being used in their everyday staples, the company began seeking better ingredients for their organic and low-sodium products. Impressed by the quality sea salt offered by SaltWorks, the company decided to transition from refined iodized salt to SaltWorks Pure Ocean Premium Sea Salt. 

In 2018, Goya started introducing sea salt into its Organic and Low-Sodium line of canned beans. The products experienced a 4.5% growth after being launched in retail last year. Today, SaltWorks Pure Ocean Premium Sea Salt is available in 16 Goya Organic and Low Sodium Canned Bean products including Black Beans, Chick Peas, Pinto Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Small White Beans and Roman Beans.

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