Sometimes the most wholesome ideas aren’t new. In fact, you might call them ancient.

Furmano’s, a leading family-owned producer of superior quality beans, tomatoes and vegetables, is adding a new product category to its roster: Fully Cooked Ancient Grains in shelf-stable foodservice pouches.

Available in popular Quinoa, Farro and Sorghum varieties, these ready-to-serve products are now available to foodservice operators nationwide.

Ancient grains are loosely defined as whole grains that have remained largely unchanged over the last several hundred years. Their resurgence is fueled by consumers increasing interest in plant-based options and their desire for cleaner, more purposeful eating.

This makes the line a natural extension for a company whose vision is to provide great tasting, wholesome foods.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring the company into a brand new category,” said Jen Esposito, vice president of sales and marketing at Furmano Foods. “Ancient grains offer the delicious nutrition we built our business on, and they allow us to deliver a differentiated, in-demand product to our foodservice customers.”

Packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants and essential minerals, more and more consumers are looking for nutrient-rich ancient grains over traditional grains on the menu. In fact, Forbes labeled ancient grains as a food trend to watch in 2020.

Furmano’s views the new ancient grain products as an easy way to help operators capitalize on their popularity. They provide foodservice operations a convenient option that adds a premium touch to current dishes or further expands vegan and vegetarian options.

“There’s so many ways foodservice operators can use our ancient grain products,” adds Chef Paul Burkholder, director of new product development for Furmano Foods. “They cover the whole plate, from entree to dessert, and are great across all dayparts. Ancient Grains deliver the nutrition and simplicity that today's consumers are seeking.”

Created using Furmano’s unique batch-crafting process, the Quinoa, Farro and Sorghum products are shelf-stable, packed in easy-to-open foodservice pouches and only sourced from the best growing regions. They contain no artificial ingredients or additives and meet the FDA low sodium levels of 140 mg or less per serving.

For more information or a free sample, visit or contact Matt Montroy, Director of Foodservice Sales at or (201) 788-2083.

About Furmano’s

Furmano’s is a leading producer of tomatoes, beans, vegetables and now ancient grains for the foodservice and retail industries. Family owned and operated for almost 100 years, the company is still guided by the original values that made the Furmano's name synonymous with quality and excellence.