GoGo squeeZ®, the leading brand in healthy portable fruit pouches for kids, announced that it will unveil 100% recyclable packaging in the market by 2022. GoGo squeeZ will be among the earliest brands to address the implications of its pouch packaging and offer sustainable options to customers.
The result of three years of research and development, the company's final recyclable packaging will have no aluminum layer in the pouch, the amount of plastic in the iconic GoGo squeeZ® helicopter cap will have been reduced by 40% (which is 80% overall less plastic compared to competitive pouch caps), and the recyclable, squeezable packaging will be made from a single type of BPA free plastic - polyethylene. The outer packaging on most of the GoGo squeeZ® varieties is currently made from 100% recycled paper that has been sourced responsibly and sustainably.
In addition to creating recyclable packaging, GoGo squeeZ® intends to educate consumers about the ways in which they can improve their recycling efforts and get more packaging into the recycling stream. GoGo squeeZ® has committed to improving packaging recyclability by implementing educational labeling on its packaging, as well as information on its website and social media, to achieve higher recycling rates.
Creating recyclable packaging for its beloved GoGo squeeZ® product is one of the company's commitments to the children and families it serves. The company's sustainability platform is made up of four main pillars: Sustainable Farming, Caring Nutrition, Environmental Footprint, and People Wellbeing.