Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., a cooperative of more than 700 farmer families, has officially partnered with Plug and Play, a global innovation platform for industry accelerators. The partnership will focus on driving strategic and innovative growth for the cooperative by leveraging a global startup ecosystem to solve key business challenges with a creative, disruptive, and agile approach.

By partnering with Plug and Play, Ocean Spray will harness the ingenuity of the accelerator's seventeen verticals, including their Food & Beverage and Health categories, in order to advance solutions to cross-sector barriers and position the cooperative to have greater command over the health and wellness marketplace. Additionally, Plug and Play will work with Ocean Spray on designing iterative bespoke strategies to continue driving optimization, working with acclaimed startup innovators including a dedicated innovation team.

The partnership serves as a catalyst for future strategic initiatives and innovation to be launched by Ocean Spray. With an entrepreneurial, future-focused spirit, the two partners will amplify the incredible power of the cranberry superfruit into exciting future growth opportunities.