Lycored’s new Lycocomfort™ is made with a standardized tomato extract and natural phytosterols that have been shown to have a positive effect on symptoms associated with prostate discomfort.

Prostate health and comfort can greatly impact quality of life as men age. One commonly faced issue is oxidative stress, which can lead to interrupted sleep as the result of nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Lycored research shows that 85% of men who have experienced a prostate problem suffer from an increased need to urinate at night. In addition, 96% of survey respondents said they consider sleep to be important or very important to their quality of life.[1]

As well as promoting better sleep, Lycocomfort™ can ease the anxiety caused by urinary concerns during everyday life, helping men achieve a feeling of “calm.”

“Prostate health can become a significant issue for men as they age and often has a real impact on quality of sleep,” says Karin Hermoni, head of Science and Nutrition at Lycored. “At Lycored, we know that true wellness requires a holistic approach, with healthy sleeping, eating, exercising, thoughts and emotions working in harmony. Lycocomfort™ was developed to support peaceful sleep and may help ensure we get the support we need to achieve a sense of overall calm.”

Harnessing the power of tomatoes’ carotenoid-rich oleoresin, Lycocomfort™ creates a naturally occurring synergy through lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene, beta-carotene and vitamin E. It is also enriched with natural phytosterols associated with the relief of the urinary symptoms and urinary flow problems caused by an enlarged prostate gland.[2]

The extract’s bioavailable mix of tomato carotenoids is designed to support healthy aging throughout all stages of life.[3] Lycopene and other tomato phytonutrients can help combat oxidative stress and boost the body’s own coping mechanisms to enhance overall cellular calm in the urinary tract.[4]

Pre-clinical studies also indicate that lycopene may control and balance prostate cell growth more effectively in synergy with phytoene and phytofluene.[5]

Lycocomfort™ is a clean-label, sustainable wellness extract with a holistic mechanism of action. It is non-GMO, suitable for vegans and allergen-free.

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