Ripple, Colorado’s trusted cannabis edibles brand and pioneer of fast-acting and clinically proven technology, is making its way in cannabis wellness with new Ripple Sleep QuickDissolves and Ripple Sleep QuickGummies.

Ripple has incorporated a precise dose of cannabinol (CBN) and THC into the new line of products, allowing consumers to experience the benefits of an unadulterated cannabinoid product without any added sleep aids such as melatonin or valerian root, which can leave the consumer with an unwanted sedative feeling the next day. With 10mg THC and 5mg CBN per packet (QuickDissolves) and 5mg THC with 2.5mg CBN per gummy (QuickGummies), the flavorless Ripple Sleep QuickDissolves and “Berry Sleepy” flavored Ripple Sleep QuickGummies have the same clinically proven 10-minute absorption onset as Ripple’s flagship products.

In a recent peer-reviewed study conducted independently by Colorado State University researchers and published in the open-access scientific journal Pharmaceuticals, it was found that Ripple products absorbed into the bloodstream significantly faster (Ripple Gummies 2.3X faster), and Ripple Dissolvables (1.9X faster) than the market-leading gummy products.

Both Ripple Sleep QuickDissolves and Ripple Sleep QuickGummies contain 100mg of THC and 50mg of CBN (2:1 ratio) per container.

Ripple’s newest products are currently available exclusively at Colorado’s 17 Star Buds dispensaries across Southern Colorado, Denver Metro and Boulder County.