The gelatin associations from Asia/Pacific (GMAP), Europe (GME), North America (GMIA) and South America (SAGMA) joined forces and founded “GROW – the Gelatin Representatives of the World”. “The mission of the worldwide working group is to raise awareness of the benefits of gelatin and collagen peptides all around the globe, while also strengthening the global dialog with stakeholders and ensuring safe, natural and reliable products”, explains Greet Hombroux, chair of GROW.

Globalization requires a worldwide dialog
The four founding member associations have a long history of cooperating on safety and testing aspects of gelatin. In the face of globalization, the international, national and regional regulatory framework is becoming increasingly complex. In the interest of customers, consumers and the gelatin and collagen peptides sectors worldwide, sharing information regularly, aligning on key issues, and the need for effective global communication are clearly essential.

Sharing expertise
With the expertise of the members of all four gelatin associations, GROW raises awareness of the benefits of gelatin and collagen peptides and further develops the industry.
Their focus lies on exchanging details of regulatory developments in the different regions and sharing knowledge about new scientific information. Also, GROW works on the improvement of analytical methods and global testing standards and fosters free trade of gelatin and collagen peptides worldwide.
Gelatin is mainly used in food and pharma applications and collagen peptides in health, nutrition and beauty applications.

The dialog is important not only for GROW members. GROW also strives to inform, educate and communicate with customers and the media on the benefits of their products. For this purpose, in July 2020, a website and LinkedIn channel have been launched to enlighten a wider audience about the gelatin and collagen peptides sector around the globe.