Designer Protein, a source for nutrient-filled protein powders, introduced Designer Chocolate Bars, premium 2.15oz dark chocolate bars with 10g of whey protein. Available in two flavors: Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Dark Chocolate with Quinoa, Designer Chocolate Bars are all natural, kosher, gluten free and also contain 85% dark premium cacao, 8g of dietary fiber and only 7g of sugar. The SRP is $2.99.

Whey protein is considered the gold standard for protein as it is considered one of the highest quality proteins that is easily digested. Consuming whey protein is a simple way to add additional protein to a diet. Whey protein combined with 85% cacao, and only 3-4g of sugar per serving, makes Designer Chocolate Bars a better-for-you option.

Designer Chocolate Bars are made in the USA with environmentally sustainable packaging.