Foodnerd, a company dedicated to shaping the future of food through disguised sprouted mega-food products, launched SeeReal. SeeReal is a raw and sprouted cereal that is formulated for optimal nutrition and positively processed to maintain all of its nutrient integrity. This new product release complements the OverNights line, which are sprouted overnight oat, chia pudding, and buckwheat breakfasts.
SeeReal is aptly named considering it’s made with real fruits and vegetables. It is disguised to serve as the replacement for the most popular cereals. Customers can currently choose from a variety of flavors including: Fruity Fantasy, Dark Chocolate, and Banana Bread.
Foodnerd coined their processing method as "positive processing" which allows their products to maintain highly concentrated and beneficial nutrients that are typically lost in traditional food processing methods. Positive processing includes:
• Sprouting to increase bioavailability.
• Never using heat above 118 degrees F, the temperature at which nutrients begin to degrade.
• Never using chemical additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or “natural” flavors.
Foodnerd is committed to offering products that are all natural, raw, sprouted, and plant-based.