Nature's Path launched its first grain free hot cereals to inspire everyday breakfast. The two nutty, protein-rich hot cereals, Maple Almond Crunch and Cinnamon Apple Crisp, blend plant-based watermelon seed protein with nutrient-dense, healthy fats to jumpstart the day.

Made with nuts and seeds instead of grains, Maple Almond Crunch and Cinnamon Apple Crisp's feature chia seeds and pumpkin seeds – small but powerful ingredients loaded with fiber, protein, antioxidants and other vital nutrients. The maple/almond and apple/cinnamon combinations offer subtly sweet flavors.
Each grain free hot cereal is also rich in ALA Omega-3s – a nutrient that becomes increasingly vital in colder months to boost heart health, support mood balance, ease joint pain and help with dry skin – making them ideal for a chilly fall or winter morning.
Vegan and paleo friendly, Nature's Path's grain fee hot cereals incorporate the brand's commitment to using only certified USDA organic ingredients, with no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives to provide the best choice for consumers' health and the planet.
Maple Almond Crunch and Cinnamon Apple Crisp are currently available in a convenient, on-the-go format for purchase on and at major retailers and grocers nationwide, including Target, Kroger, Sprouts and Whole Foods.