With more than 100 years of expertise in flavor development, T. Hasegawa stays at the forefront of food and beverage trends. Each year, T. Hasegawa leverages its flavor expertise with an annual report identifying the latest consumer tastes and predicting upcoming changes in what consumers will look for in packaged foods, beverages and even foodservice.

This comprehensive report reviews trends in… 

… INGREDIENTS: Find out about the top 10 ingredients in food and beverage for 2021 including microbiome support, vitamins, adaptogens and more.

… FOODS: As consumers remain leery of returning to on premise dining, and cooking fatigue builds, at home meal routines can use a shakeup. Appeal to consumers seeking more international flavors through unique flavor innovation that offers a mix of classic and trending cuisine trends.

… BEVERAGES:  Consumer focus and interest in health consciousness align with preferred flavor choice trends prioritizing “fresher” fruit flavors like citrus. Consumers will be looking for more functional drinks that claim to help people focus, relax and relieve emotional health concerns.

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