Mission Foods introduced Fresh Signature®, a bold new entry into the flatbreads category that expands the company’s offering of authentic, high-quality products with globally inspired flavors. 

Fresh Signature® by Mission introduced six artisan flatbreads baked in Mission’s proprietary stone oven. The new items will initially launch this month in the Northeast, with distribution expanding throughout the year. The Fresh Signature® line is made from high-quality ingredients and ready for consumers to create dishes with a touch of international flair. The new offerings include:
• Mission® Fresh Signature® Naan - This popular staple of many kinds of Indian cuisine is a tasty addition to simple dishes like butter chicken.
• Mission® Fresh Signature® Mini Naan - For a smaller serving of this traditional Indian-inspired flatbread, mini naan includes two additional naan pieces in a smaller size.
• Mission® Fresh Signature® Flatbread - This traditional flatbread is for dipping in a favorite sauce.
• Mission® Fresh Signature® Pita: Original - A popular Mediterranean and Middle Eastern go-to, pita can be dipped in hummus as a snack or stuffed with any choice of meats, vegetables and sauces.
• Mission® Fresh Signature® Pita: Whole Wheat - For an even more nutrient-packed Mediterranean or Middle Eastern-inspired meal, consumers can choose Mission’s whole wheat pita option.
• Mission® Fresh Signature® Roti - Another popular flatbread inspired from Indian cuisine, roti is thinner, lighter and rounder than naan and makes a dipper for sauce.

Mission’s consumer-tested quality will be showcased in the Fresh Signature® line’s extended shelf life and never frozen freshness, which includes resealable packaging for the Pita and Roti products. The company’s proprietary stone oven adds an extra element of flavor and authenticity to these new items.

Mission Foods is well-positioned to expand its footprint in the growing flatbread category. As consumers have shown more interest in home-prepared meals and international flavors, more shoppers are flocking to new types of bread that they can use to expand their recipe rotation with more home-cooked, authentic, globally inspired flavors that Mission is famous for.