Mexican foods consistently rank among the most popular cuisines among Americans. Moreover, its evolutionary branching off into “Tex-Mex” and “Southwestern” regional foods has further enhanced popularity. The bold flavors and vast assortment of dishes from appetizers to entrees to hand-held flavors make it a favorite, no matter the time of year.

Advanced Food Systems (AFS) manufactures ingredient systems to help create authentic tasting Mexican, Tex-Mex or Southwestern food products.

• Seasonings: Chef-Ready® and SeasonRite® Seasonings can be added to any category of food products to add bold flavors, visual appeal and even functionality.  These seasonings can be used to flavor proteins, vegetables and rice to create exciting and flavorful entrees.

• Marinades: SeasonRite® Marinades are complete texture and flavor systems that are easy to use, increase cook yield and improve texture.  Recently developed Mexican flavor profiles include Achiote, Al Pastor, Adobo and Carne and/or Pollo Asada.  Versions are available for beef, pork, chicken, seafood and plant-based products.  All of these marinades can be tailored to meet any label or ingredient requirements. 

• Fillings: Chef-Ready® Seasonings and Actobind® products can be used to create fillings for hand-held products that are bake-stable.  

• Chilis: SeasonRite® Chili bases are texture and flavor systems that create freeze/thaw-stable or retort-stable chili or chili sauces. “The SeasonRite® Marinade GB Series” is designed for chilis made with beef, pork or chicken.  They keep meat tender and juicy and prevent the development of “fat-capping” and warmed-over flavors.  From traditional chili con carne to white chicken chili, AFS has a vast selection of ingredient systems specifically for chili.

• Soups & Sauces: Our Chef-Ready® stock bases serve as the perfect foundation for various soups and sauces.  They are easy-to-use, store and handle and provide balanced flavor profiles.  Actoloid® 977 is designed for tomato-based sauces such as salsas, and provides excellent stability under acidic conditions.  Actoloid® NC-7 and Actoloid® 2124N produce smooth and creamy quesos that thicken at lower temperatures thus reducing the issue of burning inside of kettles.

• Tortillas: Actobind® EPS helps extend shelf-life of tortillas and makes them more durable during processing, resulting in less breakage.