Great Lakes Gelatin Company rebranded as Great Lakes Wellness, a modern health and wellness company with a mission to lead a fresh, positive conversation around healthy aging. The new name embodies the company’s expanded focus on overall wellness and benefit-led products. Great Lakes Wellness’ unique pro-aging stance comes to life through a bold packaging redesign for its robust portfolio of high-quality nutritional products, including popular Quick Dissolve Collagen Peptides, Keto products, and Gelatins, which will begin shipping to retailers nationwide later this year.

In an environment where “anti-aging” has become the norm, Great Lakes Wellness is championing a unique viewpoint on getting older by embracing all the positives that come with it. From a young age, consumers are bombarded with messages about how and why they should fight the aging process. Great Lakes Wellness is turning this narrative on its head by celebrating the journey of healthy aging and all the advantages that come with maturity, while delivering products that support the nutritional needs we have as we age.

Great Lakes Wellness’ new packaging features a stylized bird as part of the logo, a symbol of freedom and a unique perspective from a bird’s eye view. Great Lakes Wellness helps consumers soar with health and wellness products that provide the freedom to age on your own terms and a healthy perspective for everyone’s individual wellness journey. The brand’s high-quality and efficacious nutritional products are made with clean, functional ingredients, and come in a variety of sizes that fit easily into daily life. They are expertly crafted to support the unique wellness needs of our bodies as we age – including supporting joint health, maintaining healthy hair, promoting healthy skin and nails and more.