NEXE Innovations Inc. added three beverages to its XOMA Superfoods line including a matcha latte, keto cocoa, and turmeric golden milk. Each is available in a 12- and 48-count package.

Product details:

• XOMA Keto Cocoa: A rich, dark, and luscious keto hot chocolate made with quality fats from swiss chocolate powder, cocoa butter, and chocolate MCT powder. XOMA Keto Cocoa delivers the great taste and the health benefits of cocoa while being a great addition to a ketogenic diet.

• XOMA Matcha: Made from finely-ground, shade-grown Japanese green tea leaves and packed with antioxidants XOMA Matcha features a rich umami flavor that can help to decrease stress and increase alertness.

• XOMA Turmeric Golden Milk: The dairy-free, thick, yellow, and spicy traditional health food drink contains curcumin, ginger, cinnamon, and other powerful ingredients. Turmeric has been a key component of traditional medicine and has been regarded as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for thousands of years.

XOMA Superfoods’ products are packaged exclusively in NEXE’s made-in-North America, single-serve, fully-compostable, plant-based NEXE pods. XOMA-brand pods are compatible with Keurig® single-serve brewing systems. 

The pods can be broken down completely in industrial composting facilities in as few as 35 days, without the need to disassemble the pods before disposal, making it easy to sustainably integrate more superfoods into daily life.