NEXE Innovations Inc., a leader in plant-based materials science and advanced manufacturing technologies, announced XOMA Superfoods, NEXE's in-house coffee and superfoods brand. XOMA - derived from the Greek word for soil - allows the company to meet its sustainability mandate, while providing our customers with the highest quality coffees and superfoods. The first product under the XOMA Superfoods brand is a soluble micro-ground coffee fortified with MCT oil packaged in the NEXE Pod.
NEXE plans to add more products, available for purchase online and through subscription, via a new direct to consumer ("DTC") e-commerce platform. XOMA Superfoods will eventually include a wide range of healthy lifestyle products, which may include coffees, superfood creamers, coconut oil, MCT oil, mushrooms, and moringa.
The launch of XOMA and the accompanying DTC e-commerce platform, provides NEXE with a sales ecosystem for its proprietary capsules. The launch will better enable NEXE to understand its customers and their tastes, manage quality control and logistics, and maintain high brand integrity, while providing customers with a great overall experience.
With its experience in packaging high-quality coffee using innovative compostable materials, NEXE is well-placed to meet the important demands of the health and environmentally-conscious consumer.