Brave Robot, the animal-free CPG brand that puts the planet first, is expanding with the launch of its second product line, Climate Hero Super Cake mix. The ethically indulgent product from The Urgent Company is creating a better future.

Climate Hero Super Cake is meeting the demand for planet-positive options without sacrificing taste. The shelf-stable animal-free mix is quick and easy to make: just add water and oil, no eggs required. Made with Perfect Day's animal-free milk protein, which is also used in Brave Robot's ice cream, Climate Hero Super Cake is moist and decadent. The same animal-free dairy protein that makes the brand's ice cream so creamy is used in this new application to replace the equivalent of three eggs and to make the cake mix tender and moist. Brave Robot's Climate Hero Super Cake is also sustainably packaged in a 100% compostable bag. Each 17.5oz bag makes two 8-inch round cakes.

Kosher-certified OUD and lactose-free, Climate Hero Super Cake ($18 for 1 bag or $36 for 3 bags, inclusive of shipping) is more than just yellow cake - it can be made into recipes like chocolate whoopie pies, carrot cake, coffee cake, chocolate peanut butter brownies, and more (recipes included with order).