Cheez-It® is bringing families one-of-a-kind snacktime fun in a surprising new form. Introducing Cheez-It® Puff'd®: a craveable new puffy and airy snack made with 100% real cheese.

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As the newest take on your favorite snack cracker, Cheez-It Puff'd starts with a cheesy, crunchy outside layer and transforms into an indulgent taste. Every Cheez-It Puff'd delivers a poppable, airy bite.

The new collection is available in three varieties:

Cheez-It® Puff'd® Double Cheese
Cheez-It® Puff'd® White Cheddar
Cheez-It® Puff'd® Scorchin' Hot Cheddar

Cheez-It Puff'd will hit snack aisles nationwide this February.