PROVA announces the acquisition of an industrial site sold by BOIRON Laboratories, expanding its production facilities to France’s Centre-Val de Loire region. Officials say the acquisition is part of PROVA’S global investment and international growth plan.

PROVA is a French, family-owned business, founded in 1946, specializing in the manufacture of extracts and flavors. The company employs more than 300 people worldwide and has, as its primary manufacturing locations, plants in Autruy-sur-Juine and Artenay, France.

Strengthening its EU roots, PROVA announces the acquisition of an industrial site formerly owned by BOIRON, located in Montrichard, in Loir et Cher, about 170 miles southwest of Paris.

“By supplementing our manufacturing facilities in the Centre-Val de Loire region, we are developing our expertise and promoting our French corporate values loud and clear. This site will host flavor blending activities for the food industry. It will take us several months to convert it to our purposes. Having a second production site is reassuring for our company and also for our customers,” explains PROVA President, Muriel Acat. 

She adds, “BOIRON (a pharmaceutical company) is a high-quality site with the history, know-how, and high level of hygiene in its design, also offering PROVA and a pool of quality employees. Therefore, we will be keen to hire locally. We thank BOIRON for its trust.”

PROVA began its international expansion very in the early 1990’s and today, 35 years later PROVA has distribution subsidiaries in the main European countries along with fast-growing areas such as North America and Asia.

PROVA’s ambitions of growth, to be closer to its markets, drive its commitment to this major industrial investment plan. The company’s investment will represent a €50 million spread over the next four to five years. This plan will include the modernization and expansion of the historic manufacturing site at Autruy-sur-Juine, the conversion of the Montrichard site, and an upcoming industrial site in Thailand and North America.

We are a French-owned, family business founded in 1946, specializing in manufacturing extracts and brown flavors. Passionate about taste, the heart of our business, we benefit from over 75 years of expertise and today we are among the world’s major players in the extraction of vanilla and cocoa. Our business has evolved and grown to include a variety of other natural flavors, such as coffee extracts and flavors, caramel, and others. Our ambition is to “become the natural choice of brown flavors in the hearts and minds of our customers”