MANE invites Food ingredients Europe (FiE) visitors to pursue their quest for natural ingredient solutions at MANE’s Stand B81 in Hall 7.2. This year’s convention meets Dec. 6-8 in Paris.

MANE will present a broad spectrum of savory solutions especially adapted for use by flavor houses and ingredient blenders. It also will demonstrate and explain how sustainability drives its latest new product innovations.

MANE’s booth will highlight:

Freshly Ground Spices: MANE will share its FiE booth with MANE KANCOR1, a renowned player in the natural ingredient field. The synergy between the two companies will be particularly represented on the stand by a range of spice extracts with freshly ground spice profiles, which will be available for tasting and also showcased in the exhibition New Product Zone.

Concentrated Juices: MANE will introduce its line of concentrated juices. Interestingly, it is one of the industry’s only companies to cover the full spectrum of concentrated juices—including meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. They’re primarily produced in France and come from European raw materials. The line will be displayed by an interactive “do-it-yourself” counter that is not to be missed.

Natural Antioxidants: MANE is known for natural antioxidants including OxiKan2, a range of antioxidants that are directly extracted from finest rosemary3. OxiKan, which has already been recognized for its success by different awards4, helps to delay oxidation and extend the shelf life of different food applications. It’s ideal for vegetable oils, bakery applications, processed meat, and many other products.

Essential Oils: FiE visitors can sample and enjoy MANE’s essential oils and oleoresins, including a decolorized capsicum reference and a range with exclusive roasted taste ingredient listed as “Rosemary Extract.” These ingredients all suitable for different types of applications and available for demonstration on the stand in vegetarian snack balls, crackers and dressings.

Sustainable Sourcing: MANE also will spotlight the added values of its backward integration. With various acquisitions and partnerships—primarily involving spices and vegetables—MANE offers excellent documented standards of traceability, sustainability and transparency.

Sustainability and transparency will be a key element of MANE’s presentation, with the highlight of the company’s eco-conscious tool, GREEN MOTION™, to assess the health, safety and environmental impacts of ingredients. Concepts on the stand will include their GREEN MOTION™ score and demonstrations of how the tool works. GREEN MOTION™ will also be entered in the Fi Europe Innovation Awards in the “Sustainability” category. A full corner of the stand will demonstrate what sustainability specifically means to the company through different ingredient solutions.

The company’s innovative-thinking will be largely represented at the Fi Europe Innovation Awards with various records submitted in categories as diverse as “Food Tech,” “Plant-Based,” “Sensory” and “Food Training and Education.”

1 In 2014, MANE took a majority stake in KANCOR, one of India’s most prominent extractors, manufacturers and suppliers of innovative natural food colors, ingredients, essential oils and spice extracts.

2 OxiKan® trademark is registered in class 1 in USA and Canada

3 In EU, Rosemary Extract is approved for use as an antioxidant additive as per EU (Reg) 1333/2008 and can be labeled as either “E-392” or by its function as “Antioxidant (Rosemary Extract).” In the case where the intended use for Rosemary Extract is as a flavoring substance, the regulation permits the labeling simply by ingredient name as “Rosemary Extract.”

4 OxiKan® CLS Winner of the World Beverage Innovation Award