According to Pharma Manufacturing Magazine, the average cost to develop a new pharma drug is $800 million. Much of the expense is due to the need to prove safety of the drug molecule and meeting all the requirements put forth by the FDA.

The mission of the Coalition is to replace the toxic chemicals used to develop patented drugs with 100% natural ingredients with zero toxicity. These new natural medicines will be scientific formulations made up of proven natural ingredients backed by clinical trials proving their effectiveness on selected health conditions. These formulas will be patented to protect the developing parties and run through clinical trials against already proven drugs for that selected health condition.

The first two founding members of the Coalition are below.

Nag Resear'ch Laboratories Inc. (NRL) is a California based research and development company established in 1996. NRL has conducted its core business in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Herbal Sciences for almost three decades. In 2018, NRL entered a joint collaboration  program with GCI Nutrients Inc., a global leader in supplying Herbal and other Ingredients to the nutraceutical industry, supported by scientific and clinical data. GCI is based in Burlingame, California, conducting its core business in supplying bulk natural product ingredients for almost 50 years. Both NRL and GCI with their complementary skills are exploring to introduce high quality active ingredients supported by state-of-the art scientific research and clinical research to develop superior health solutions. The team's strengths include optimizing high quality ingredients with the potential of obtaining  intellectual property rights. Our major mission is helping companies to create formulas that compare favorably with pharmaceuticals in terms of effectiveness, safety and cost.

Since 2018, GCI has introduced a list of standardized active ingredients for over 50 health conditions for which pre-clinical and clinical results are available. With more than 3000 scientific publications in a combined database for all these active ingredients, GCI and NRL are ab le to produce creative formulations for the nutraceutical industry.