Nobell Foods, a company pioneering the use of plant-grown proteins to create animal-free cheese, announced the hire of Sergey Solomatin as the company's new vice president of food science and product development. Solomatin joins the company after more than 10 years at Impossible Foods, where he helped to develop, scale and commercialize their cutting-edge food technology.

With a decade of experience at food companies working in nucleic acid biochemistry, biophysics, polymer chemistry, and pharmaceutical sciences, Solomatin brings an industry-leading understanding of the connection between rigorous biochemical research and groundbreaking, delicious, scalable food products.

During his time at Impossible Foods, Solomatin created the Materials and Texture research group, which included over 30 industry-leading scientists. Under Solomatin's leadership, this group made key contributions to developing and launching the flagship Impossible Ground Beef products, as well as laying the foundation for future products.

Solomatin's first day at Nobell Foods was January 13 and his arrival comes during a period of strategic growth for the company. To date, Nobell Foods has raised $102M, with notable support from Andreessen Horowitz, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and Robert Downey Jr. 's FootPrint Coalition Ventures.