As the year winds down, it seems that we're all thinking about two things: sauces and marinades. At first, I think I'm only interested in sauces. That's my singular thought, sauces. But then, without consent, marinades comes barging into thought like a drunken card player through saloon doors. What are you doing here marinades? I'm hanging out with sauces… alone! But marinades is a stubborn soul and continues his pursuit of my attention. He's a third wheel.
It's me and sauces, that's clear. And then, like some culinary sleight of hand, marinades pairs off with sauces and I'm left with the choice of becoming a third wheel myself or leaving the two well matched friends to their shared future.

Forever alone this season…

But you… You! You are not alone. You have the warmth of motion picture coming your way. Experts letting you in on all the secrets of food development and formulation as it pertains to sauces and marinades.

Your weekly reduction is here! Take comfort! You are about to be a little better than you are right now…

Join the Texture Revolution! Designing Sauce Texture
Presenter: Matt Patrick, Vice President, R&D
Company: TIC Gums

Meats and Marinades: Flavor From the Inside Out
Presenter: Eric Rubendall, Technical Sales Manager
Company: Gilroy Foods and Flavors

Carrageenan Use in Meat/Poultry Marination
Presenter: Scott Rangus, CEO
Company: Ingredient Solutions Inc.

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