It's safe to say that we all attempt health, a healthy life. We make strides toward eating foods that are nutritious and loaded with all the goods things that make our bodies pulse with vitality. And then we eat pound cake and a cigarette for breakfast. Oh my! The sweet notes of pound cake made raw by the zip of tobacco. Great leopards! What a way to start the day!

And, um, undo anything constructive I've built for good health in the past month.

Lucky for us, antioxidants are found in some quite delicious foods. My mother used to say, all foods dark. And generally, that holds up. If it is rich in color, then likely it is good for you (and very well may contain a healthy amount of antioxidants.) I tried to subvert the notion by claiming that Jolly Ranchers fit the color bill. They did! So bright! Watermelon flavor!

And here you see another example of poor judgement in eating, from the mind of someone who has an awareness of healthy foods. I know apples exist! Kale? Yes! But potato chips are so good. I cannot quit you, potato chips. I cannot live a life without you.

Potato chips with antioxidants, product developers? Please? Make me whole.


Your weekly reduction!

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