June 4/Seattle/SBWIRE -- Statistic Brain claims that 54% of American adults drink coffee on a daily basis, with the average size of a cup being 9oz. Of those coffee drinkers, the average person consumes 3.1 cups every day, while 24% of coffee drinkers have 13 or more cups of coffee every week. "As many Americans are now learning, the quality of the coffee consumed plays a large role in the health benefits obtained from the drink," Don Rossignol of Sozo Life Coffee Berry states.

Is coffee healthy? The simple answer to this would be yes, but coffee drinkers need to understand that all coffee is not created equal. The antioxidant capacity of any coffee depends on the coffee bean quality, the timing of the harvest and the harvest region.

Using the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity score, developed by Tufts University, coffee drinkers may determine the health benefits of drinking a particular brand. This score measures the strength and duration of antioxidant protection offered by a product.